Noćenje odrasli Adults Erwachsene Adulti
39,00 kn
55,00 kn
Noćenje djeca 6-11,99 Children 6-11,99 Kinder 6-11,99 Bambini 6-11,99
28,00 kn
37,00 kn
Prikolica Caravan Wohnwagen Roulotte
33,00 kn
48,00 kn
Šator Tent Zelt Tenda
35,00 kn
39,00 kn
Automobil Car Auto Macchina
29,00 kn
39,00 kn
Motocikl Motorcycle Motorrad Moto
20,00 kn
28,00 kn
Kamper Camper Wohnmobil Camper
40,00 kn
59,00 kn
Struja Electricity Strom Corrente
30,00 kn
30,00 kn
Čamac Boat Boot Barca
25,00 kn
27,00 kn
Autobus Bus Bus Autobus
150,00 kn
150,00 kn
Pas Dog Hund Cane
20,00 kn
20,00 kn
Paušal Lump sum Pauschalpreis Stazionario
15 000,00 kn
15 000,00 kn
Prijava Registration Anmeldung Registrazione  7,50 kn  7,50 kn
        01.05.-15.10. 16.10.-30.04.
Boravišna pristojba odrasli Tourist tax adults Kurtasse Erwachsene Tassa di soggiorno adulti
8,00 kn
6,00 kn
Boravišna pristojba djeca Tourist tax children Kurtasse Kinder Tassa di soggiorno bambini
4,00 kn
3,00 kn



Motor Camp Opatija

Autokamp Opatija

Within reach of the sea and the attractive beach, and close to the main traffic course, you will find the green treasure, natural Camp ''Opatija'' in Ičići. Under the crowns of broadleaf and coniferous trees, following the harmony of the ground, this is a shelter to all those who need a temporary run away from the civilisation, and still having everything necessary at hand.

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